A visit from the Tooth Fairy

For the past few weeks, Picasso has been struggling greatly with a very loose tooth.

It’s been painful to watch – everytime he had to eat anything, he would wince and complain. Given eating is generally one of his favourite things to do, I felt very sorry for him – we knew things were dire when he couldn’t finish the bacon and egg roll he’d ordered when we went out to lunch!  He just sat, depressed and quiet, looking mournfully at the rest of us eating.

Anyway, yesterday it finally came out.

I love that at 7 and a half, he still fervently belives in the Tooth Fairy – and also loves her dearly.

Not only does he leave his tooth out for her, he also writes her a little note.

This is what he wrote for her last night:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

“I finally lost my tooth. It is my eighth tooth. I love you. I hope you have a good journey.”

What a sweetheart. Souljourneyboy and I felt that was definitely worth a $2 coin 🙂