An ode to neighbourliness

Something wonderful happened to us a few weeks ago. We got neighbours!

I should probably explain that our house is on a large, battle axe block backing bush, in an older, established street. We only have one house actually next to us, and the people who live there are older with grown up kids – which is pretty much the same for everyone else on the street.

But then a new family moved in just over the way! With three children – a girl Little Miss’s age, a boy Picasso’s age and another boy a little bit older than Bookworm. Yes, it really couldn’t be more perfect. They all get on like a house on fire, and so far they have been for bush walks, played spotlight, built a cubby in the bush, played bikes and basketball, made a rope swing and established a kids club, and Little Miss is just loving having another girl around to play dress ups and fairies and do handstands¬†with etc etc. Also, the Mum is just beautiful and I think will be a wonderful new friend.

Watching it all happen has really reminded me of my own childhood, growing up in a lovely community neighbourhood, where we were all at each other’s houses all afternoon playing outside or in the street. My memories of childhood are all kind of soft and golden, like a photograph taken on a late summer’s afternoon. I am so glad my kids are having that experience – I just love that when they get home they can’t wait to go exploring in the bush or play on the rope swing.

So here’s to good neighbours and great community!