Friendship is good for the soul

This afternoon I got the chance for a much-needed catch-up with Soul Sister; my best friend since I was five year’s old. I thought I would share some of the things I really love about this wonderful friend, who truly is a sister to my soul…

  • The fact we can spend an entire day in each others’ company just reading, and both feel like it’s been the best day ever. And if there’s a cup of tea and some chocolate involved, well…we’re perfectly happy.
  • Her continual quest for self-improvement. This has taken various forms over the years –  goals regarding the proper pronunciation of certain words, taking up ballet for ex-student ballet “has-beens”, and most recently, sewing. After deciding sewing would be a good skill to have, Soul Sister learned how to do it. Impressive and inspiring, and also very useful for me, as I can barely sew a button back onto a shirt.
  • The fact she maintains that Anne of Green Gables actually changed her life.
  • Her passion for children, and their education.
  • Her deep commitment to her faith.
  • Her generosity in opening up her home to other people’s kids, whenever she can. It’s not uncommon for her to say to me, “Oh, I have six kids here today…”
  • How she is constantly on the lookout for “teaching opportunities” with not only her own kids, but other people’s’ as well.
  • Her “five-second volunteering” policy. This means that if there’s a call for volunteers, and no one puts their hand up, she’ll wait five seconds and then volunteer herself. This has led to her taking on rather more than she can chew over the years.
  • The fact that she always knows what I mean, even if I don’t myself.
  • The fact she made the best speech ever at my wedding. We laughed, we cried, and everyone was talking about it for ages.

I don’t know what I’d do without her. I hope you have someone in your life like this too.


An ode to friendship

I caught up with some wonderful friends this week.

I always feel sorry for women who don’t have close friends. All my life I have had wonderful friendships. Soul Sister of course, who has been my best friend since we were 5 years old, and many others along the way. Some have been part of my life for only short periods, and others will be part of my journey always, but they have all encouraged me and blessed me, been honest with me and made me a better person.

So the other night I went out with three such friends (including Soul Sister) and while the café closed WAY to early, we had a great catch up.

The thing I love about this group of friends is that we can and do talk about every topic under the sun. We talked about our kids, and some of the parenting traumas we’re currently going through. We discussed our careers and our goals, our families and good TV shows we’ve discovered. One shared a significant spiritual and emotional breakthrough she’d recently had, which had brought her great peace of mind. Then we talked about the best way to do our daughters’ hair. We can go from politics to philosophy to online lingerie shopping to counting calories and our favourite flowers in a heartbeat.

It doesn’t matter what we talk about, I always come away feeling encouraged, and like I’m not doing this thing called life all alone.

So here’s to great conversation, and even greater friends – I would not be who I am, if you had not been part of my souljourney.  

Love to you all – you know who you are 🙂