Something new…

So I have started piano lessons again, along with Picasso!

I am very excited by this. I played the piano when I was a kid, and got up to about 5th grade when I finally convinced my parents I REALLY didn’t want to play anymore. And now, 25 years later, here I am! There’s a piece I really want to learn how to play (I’ll share it with you one day) but it’s very complex and while I want to jump right in and learn it I probably need to master “Jingle Bells” first.

Picasso is excited too, and it’s lovely we are doing it together.

Anyway we had our very first lessons this afternoon, and we both loved it.

Our teacher is a nice young man – 22! – although already I have disgraced myself by doing some of those crazy things I seem to do all the time.

Firstly, I forgot to pay the fee. Then I completely overlooked the email I was sent telling me I needed to pay before the lesson. Then I had a technological glitch trying to pay. Finally I managed it, but I felt bad and left a message on the teacher’s phone apologising and promising I wouldn’t be quite so tardy again. Very kindly, he texted back to say no worries. Later I texted Souljourneyboy to tell him to bring his iPad to the studio so Picasso could play on it while I had my lesson. A long time passed, and I was getting cranky that Souljourneyboy wasn’t answering my text. Then I checked and realised I had sent it to the poor piano teacher who I hadn’t even met yet! I sent a sheepish text apologising and explaining the message was meant for someone else. He responded – saying no worries, again – and I’m sure was quite relieved he did not, in fact, have to loan my son his iPad.

So! I have once again exposed myself as a crazy person. But never mind – I’m sure he will be super impressed with my melodic and passionate rendition of “When the saints go marching in” next week!