Diary of a Teenage Girl Part II

More trials and tribulations of a teenage Souljourneygirl. Will she speak to Boy1? Will she ever stop crying? Find out below…

9-12-91. Monday.

It’s the first day of hols! I MUST lose weight! (NOTE: Souljourneygirl was probably about 50kg at the time)

Slight check in love life. (NOTE: the term ‘love life’ is used somewhat loosely)

I don’t know whether or not I love Boy1 anymore! I think it’s that I was in love with my Boy1, and not the reality of Boy1. I turned him into the perfect fantasy guy! But I still don’t know him!

Anyway, I have something on my conscience. I tape ‘Dark Shadows’ on a Saturday night and Mum and Dad don’t know. I have done for 2 weeks. It’s good. I’m more interested in what will happen than in anything else. I just have to know! I wish I’d never taped it because now I’m hooked. I feel really bad, and I’m sorry, but not sorry enough to stop being hooked. It’s upsetting. I wonder if my children will ever read this! (NOTE: Souljourneygirl can’t bring herself to share the horror of these transgressions with the children).

I have just been wrapping up Christmas prese – (writing broken off).

Sorry! I am back – I never got to finish what I was going to say as I was wrapping up Christmas presents and we started wrapping Mum’s and Dad HADN’T EVEN CONSULTED ME in the choice! I just started crying! But I am not ashamed of tears (well, clearly).

Oh dear! I am so romantically-minded. I act out dramatic scenes all the time when no one is around!

OK, that’s all I can bear to share right now.

Isn’t it amazing I grew up to be a normal human being???


Diary of a Teenage Girl Part I

As promised… here are the first lot of excerpts from the diaries I kept from Year 8 through to Year 11.

Warning : complete drivel ahead.


I feel awful! I’m crying all the time – I hate myself! I just realised I’m crying right now! I honestly feel like dying. I have been in my room for AGES. I don’t know how long because my watch has broken. I hate myself, but lunch is ready. ..I don’t feel like going anywhere ever again. I’ll probably just sit here all day in my room. Please don’t think I’m exaggerating. I’ve been in my room all morning, so there’s no reason to not stay in here ALL AFTERNOON. I feel like I’m about 40 years old. I just feel sad, tired, old and depressed”.

(NOTE: blanket apology to all 40-year-olds who are not sad, tired and depressed. But I digress).

“I just feel like lying down and crying. I wish I was someone else! I’m crying again! There’s nothing else to express how I feel – just full of tears. I wish someone would help me! I wonder when it will pass.

I hope soon.


PS: I’m still crying.


PPS: I meant and mean every word of this. It’s not written to make anyone laugh, so don’t. Please.”

Ah, teenage girls. I kid you not, the very next entry reads:

“Well, I DID mean every word of that then, but I’ve got other things to worry about now!

Now what brought about this change of heart, pray tell?  Well, a boy, naturally! The diary continues:

I’m in love yet again! I really, really like Boy1 (NOTE: names have been changed to protect the innocent). And he doesn’t actually know me! I’d heard about him before I met him, and I started thinking about him. Then when I met him and liked him I guessed it was just because I had made up this character with his name but the feeling hasn’t gone! So it must be more. But I still don’t really know him! It’s driving me crazy.”

Bye, love always,


PS: I love Jason Priestly

PPS: I love Christian Slater

PPPS: I love Boy1!!!!”

Oh dear. Will Souljourneygirl actually speak to the boy she apparently loves? The suspense is almost too much to bear.

🙂 Hope you enjoyed!