Oh, to be seven

Of late, I’ve been watching Little Miss and thinking that seven years old is just about the perfect age to be. After some reflection, here are my reasons why it’s just the most delightful age….

It’s super easy to make friends

I took Little Miss to a school holiday workshop the other day, and she was nervous at first because she didn’t know anyone else. When I picked her up afterwards, she told me she’d made a new friend. I asked her how they had become friends and she frowned at me, puzzled by my question. “She asked if I wanted to be her friend, and I said yes”. I love it. It’s fast, direct and you know right away where you stand. Why do we complicate friendships as adults? The next time I meet a fellow human I like, I’m going to try it.

You can do flawless cartwheels

I can only imagine my body would go into some kind of toxic shock if I attempted a cartwheel or a handstand. Little Miss is able to spend most of her day whirling around or upside down, and never seems to get tired. Totes jel.

You still believe in magic

Little Miss has an ongoing letter exchange with the Midnight Garden Fairies. She writes them notes and leaves them flowers, and they draw her pictures and tell her all about the fairy realm. She delights in magic, and I delight in the memory of the magic I once believed in. It’s seriously the best thing about parenting.

You’re discovering amazing books for the first time

The Enchanted Wood. Narnia. The Twits. I feel as though her joy in reading these wonderful, wonderful classics for the first time rekindles the delight I felt when I was her age, devouring Enid Blyton book by book.

Who’d like to turn the clock back to seven with me?

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