New beginnings

Hello all 🙂

I’ve been so slack with posting this year – life has been super hectic with the kids in Year 5, Year 3 and Year 1 now.

I was also really busy with work – I had a wonderful opportunity to manage a team in a different division for 6 months, which I thoroughly enjoyed, even though my work-life balance was slightly out of whack. Once this was over and I was headed back to a Communications role, it kind of gave me pause for thought, and I found myself asking the dreaded question – what am I doing with my life?

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a strong desire to help people and do something to contribute to making people’s lives better. Even when I was studying Communications and working in that field, I always thought I’d end up working for an international charity or government agency and living overseas. But as life has a wont to do, it hasn’t worked out like that. I know I’ve been a bit disillusioned working in a government environment – I’ve realised making a difference in policy is just really hard and takes a lot out of you. I’ve also realised that the lifestyle of an international aid worker doesn’t really sit well with being the kind of mother I want to be. So I’ve had to let go of that dream – for now, at least.

So, what next I hear you ask? Well, I’ve decided to pursue an option that will allow me to help people more directly. I’ve gone back to Uni part time to study psychology. And I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve dropped down my days at work so I can be a bit more available for the kids and get some study done, and I’m really excited to see where this next part of the journey takes me.

A dear friend described this next stage of my life as “Act II” and I love that description. We’re never too old to pursue a new dream or goal – and isn’t 40 the new 30?

I would love to hear about your goals and dreams for the next year or the next 10 – we’re never done growing and changing and I think that’s wonderful.





10 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Evo

    I’m glad you’re enjoying psychology and it even got me thinking about it again. My goal for the next year is to keep working, earn some money and survive – not very grand I know. Perhaps if I can just do that, I can then formulate a new and more meaningful goal.

  2. Bloss

    I am so excited for your new direction. I think it will be a really great fit! My goals…do some study in Theology, stay sane with my last one still mainly at home for a couple of years, love my God, my husband and my kids. As well as some mini goals at work. Nothing life changing, but consuming and worth it.

  3. Tam Thompson

    Good for you Emma! A fresh direction is always a great choice. You will meet new people and have renewed enthusiasm for life. It sounds like all your family will benefit too!
    My goals at present are to be the best possible grandmother, to do some travel in Australia and spend some quality time with Ian as he approaches retirement.

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