Hospitals and holidays

It occurred to me as I sat, bleary-eyed at 3am in the emergency department waiting room, that I’ve spent far too much time in hospitals over the past few months. I’ve already shared with you that just before Christmas, one of my oldest and dearest friends had a brain hemorrhage, and then Little Miss was hit by a ute. Then a month or so ago one of my most favourite Aunts in the world had a bleed on the brain, and then Picasso became very ill with tonsilitis and I ended up in the hospital with him too.

I know I shouldn’t complain  – I’m so grateful we have an emergency department to go to, and I know there are plenty of families out there who spend most of their lives in hospital. But allow me this little whine, if you will. I just don’t understand why it takes SO LONG. I’m hopeful that behind the closed double doors, doctors and nurses are frantically rushing from beside to bedside, far too busy to engage in the witty and sexually-charged banter we see on shows like ER and Offspring. But when you are waiting at 3am in a nearly-deserted waiting room, you can’t see ANY activity. You just sit there for hours wondering what the hell is going on, imagining them wilfully ignoring your pain and distress.

Anyway, we did eventually see someone – three different people, in fact, although no one seemed to actually have finished a medical degree – and, fingers crossed, I won’t be back there for a while.

All these hospital experiences did make me think about the fact that you really don’t know what’s lurking around the corner. So with that in mind, Souljourneyboy and I did what we’ve been thinking about for ages – we booked a 6-week backpacking expedition for the next Christmas holidays. All five of us will travel across Vietnam, Malaysia, and parts of Thailand with nothing more than the packs on our back. We can’t wait!

It’s so nice to have something exciting to look forward to, so that when I’m trying to stay awake in a meeting where people are using words like “opex” and “capex” and “regulated asset base” I can let my mind drift to…






and to…

Halong Bay







I hope some of you out there are planning your next escape!


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