And so the journey continues…

Hi there. It’s been a while 🙂

Actually, I can’t believe it’s been about 5 months since my last post.

I’m not really sure what happened at the end of last year – there I was, really excited about our trip to Hamilton Island and busy busy busy as usual – and then, I kind of just fell into a heap when I actually stopped to relax. Bizarrely, I spent the first few days of my holidays bursting into tears at odd moments, and I just couldn’t bring myself to write at all. I think I had literally reached the end of myself, and I had absolutely nothing left to give.

Fortunately, the holiday was exactly what I needed – we had a wonderful time eating, swimming, snorkelling and reading – because little did I know that some pretty stressful months lay ahead. Just before Christmas, one of my dearest friends suffered a severe brain hemorrhage and lay in a coma – we weren’t sure whether she would live or die. Then Little Miss was hit by a ute as we walked across the road to see Christmas lights. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – there she was, holding her brother’s hand, when she just pulled out of his grasp and ran – not seeing the Toyota Hilux that was heading her way. It hit her on the head – Bookworm says he’ll never forget the sound of that as long as he lives – and she flipped over and hit the road. Unbelievably, miraculously, she didn’t even lose consciousness. She sustained a small fracture to the skull that probably is healed by now – and actually she was more upset by her cuts and scratches than anything else. There she lay on the side of the road, crying hysterically, telling the ambulance driver that all she needed was a bandaid for her toe.

That was the same week that two other children were hit by cars and died. Souljourneyboy and I sat by her bed in the hospital and just cried together. I don’t understand why she was so lucky. If she’d ran out half a second earlier she would have gone under the wheel and we’d have lost her. I don’t know if God intervened or it was just fate or coincidence, or…I don’t know.

I’ve wondered a lot about this lately – not only for Little Miss, but my beautiful friend who I mentioned earlier. She made it out of the coma – her physical healing has been startling – and she can now walk and talk and eat and hold a conversation. She’s still very confused – almost like she exists in moments, but the moments aren’t joined together for her yet. Sometimes seeing her makes me sad – I wish there was more I could do to help her brain heal. Other times I am just so thankful she is alive, and so grateful for her healing thus far. And I know her  journey isn’t done yet; she has a wonderful husband and three gorgeous kids who love her, friends and family who are believing for the best.

And so…the journey continues for all of us. Up and down and roundabout. After Christmas we had a wonderful holiday with friends at the beach (although Little Miss got stung by a blue bottle- an amazed Life Guard couldn’t believe it as there had been NO blue bottles around AT ALL) where I really just soaked up the sun and refreshed my soul with a bunch of absolutely wonderful people.

We never really know what the journey holds, do we? No one ever really knows when a Toyota Hilux will come barreling out of nowhere and knock us for a six. So let’s make sure we grasp hold of joy wherever we find it.

Peace and blessings to you all – I am looking forward to our journey together this year xxx

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