New beginnings

I haven’t posted for a while – mostly because I have been ridiculously busy – and then I got sick – but also because after the Jonah Day described here I had a few more. Stuff was going wrong at work, at home, with the kids and cars and even the plumbing – how depressing!

And then – just like Anne Shirley promised – a new day came and the sun came out and all was right with the world once more.

I decided I just couldn’t fit parent teacher interviews into the week, so I emailed the kids’ teachers and got brilliant responses back which were so encouraging. They are all doing great at school. Work calmed down and I decided to get serious about trying to lose my extra winter kilos – and I lost 1.5kg over the past week. I booked in some much-needed leave and decided I am going to host Christmas, which I am really looking forward to. The broken tap got fixed by a very able plumber and I also had an impromptu career counseling session with someone very knowledgeable which was really helpful.

And most importantly – a totally unexpected and very exciting door opened up at work. It’s so lovely how the universe works sometimes.  After feeling like such a failure on my horrible Jonah Day I got a call from a manager in a different division encouraging me to apply for a secondment in her division – much bigger management role, and one I would never have thought I could have applied for, had she not rung. I applied – and got it for a six-month period! I start next February and am really excited – it will be a big challenge, but I’m up for it.

So I am pleased to report that Jonah Days – and indeed, Jonah fortnights – do end eventually.


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