I, the bird

It was my Dad’s 70th birthday party today.

It was a wonderful day, and he gave an amazing speech about his life – I’ll share more another time.

But for now I will share the poem I wrote him. It’s about the two of us.

I, the bird

I, the bird

And you, the sky

A quivering wing. A seeking eye

An arc of light in burnished blue

A boundless circle. The bird flies true.


I, the bud

And you, the tree

Serene in ageless canopy

Here green. Here gold. Here sacred earth

The hushed prayer stills. The bud bursts forth.


I, the moon

And you, the lake

Oh feeble moon. A magician’s fate

For tethered in that black glass gaze.

Is moon’s true self. Bold, unafraid.


You, the shore

And I, the sea

The shore’s hold slips. The wave breaks free

Horizon bound, the sea must roam

Night falls. Tide turns. And the wave seeks home.

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