There’s a Plan B

“There’s a Plan B” is one of my favourite sayings.

Apparently, I have passed this saying onto my daughter.

This afternoon Little Miss sang me her “Plan B” song.

It went like this:

“If your zipper doesn’t work there’s a Plan B

If something special falls off your shelf there’s a Plan B

If your mum gets cross there’s a Plan B (I made the point of saying that surely this doesn’t happen very often)

If your brother’s mean there’s a Plan B

If you eat an apple and you weren’t supposed to there’s a Plan B

If you ate your fruit and some guests were coming over and there was no more  left there’s a Plan B

There’s an awesome Plan B!”

What a great song!

I’m glad she can be so upbeat this week, because the poor thing has hand, foot and mouth disease (I know it makes her sound like she’s a mad cow) and it’s been very unpleasant for her – and thus, me.

But on the flipside, I had to take a few day’s carer’s leave and I finally sorted out her room and threw out four bags of stuff that had been accumulated over the past four years.

And we also had lots of puppy time!

So it’s not all bad. Things may go wrong – but there’s always a Plan B 🙂

4 thoughts on “There’s a Plan B

  1. janinejackson

    I’ve been meaning to say here that not long after we chatted on the phone the other day and I said to you ‘there’s always a bright side’, I read this post. I realised I was on the same wave length with your Little Miss that day 🙂

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