The Bessie Diaries – Part I

Dear Diary,

I arrived in my new family yesterday and so far I think things have been going pretty well. Everyone thinks I’m really cute (it’s great having these long floppy ears) and let’s just say I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make sure most things go my way.

There’s a big house and yard with lots of really interesting things to smell and taste. I even found a really cool thing called a cherry tomato under the couch and I played with that for ages until it exploded.

The only downside is that they’ve got something here called a “cat”. I’m not sure exactly what they are but I think they rule the world. It’s certainly the boss of this house. That’s what it said to me yesterday, but I was a bit distracted because it was spitting in this weird way, which was pretty gross to be honest. And then today I forgot it was the boss and I tried to give it a high five, so it smacked me on the nose.

Things got a bit boring last night when everyone went to bed. They tried to put me in a little miniature house (read: prison) but I escaped in the middle of the night and went into the small one’s room. She was really fun, we played on her bed for ages and then the Mum came along and put me back in my house and shut the small one’s door. I didn’t like that so I let everyone know about it for a while. Making all that noise really tired me out though, and I had to have a quick nap when everyone else got up.

Today I played lots more with all the small people and it was great but I got sleepy. I fell asleep on the shoe they gave me to chew on.

Anyway I think it’s time for a nap. It’s a dog’s life after all 🙂

Love Bessie


9 thoughts on “The Bessie Diaries – Part I

  1. Rachael Jamieson Newton

    Dear Bessie,

    You are off on the right track. You should definitely sort stuff out with that ‘cat’. And the ‘sneaking into Little Miss’s room at night’ – genius. Live it up, because before you know it, they will keep you outside. Outside. Can. You. Believe. It?

    Tip: if anything goes wrong, use those cute ears. I can speak from experience – long, curly Spaniel ears will work in your favour if you just harness their power.

    I hope to meet you someday,

    Love Baxter (short for Sir Baxter Earl Newton)

  2. thenaughtycorner

    Dear Bessie, if – only if – you play your cards right, you can continue to fool them into thinking you are a puppy for a long time. As for Cat, I now have established things so that Cat is an outdoors beast. A word of wisdom: get your toileting under control asap. Humans don’t understand our gifts and seem to become frustrated at our presents that we have worked several hours on creating. A final tip: at meal times, sit under the children. They drop the most food and will be easily convinced to contribute more to your eternal digestive processes. Best wishes, Scouty Girl Budden.

  3. souljourneygirl

    Dear Scouty and Sir Baxter,
    This is sage advice indeed. In fact just this morning I had a momentary loss of control behind the sofa, so I will try hard to get that under control right away. It seems unbelievable that anyone could end up Outside. I will certainly do my best to delay that terrible day as long as possible!
    Thanks again,
    Bessie Spaniel.

  4. Asta

    Dear Bessie, it really was very mean of your mum to make you sleep in a prison. Our mum lets us sleep in the lounge on a single bed mattress and our choice of sofa, but everyone knows that dogs should sleep with their human companions. At least everyone except our mums. You look pretty settled already though, and we really like your toys. We have a couple of stuffed dogs, a really cuddly panda, a fairy, a giraffe, some baby toys, and a whole toy box outside….but we figure you can never have enough op shop buddies. Well Bessie, good luck in your fur ever home (did you like what we just did there?). Shame you live so far away. We love to have our friends over for a play. Yesterday we had 6 greyhounds in our backyard. Soooo cool. A lick, a sniff….and we pee on your pee. Jasper and Phryne Feather x

    1. souljourneygirl

      Jasper and Phryne, I think we will definitely be pen pals. Apparently my Mum is going to try the pull out sofa the smallest one in this house used to own because I really liked sleeping there today for my naps. Your fur-ever home sounds cool too xxx

  5. Aunty Rob

    Dear Bessie,
    You are soooooo cute. Remember to flop those ears and look sad and mournfull at the “human little people” and the “Outside” (dreadful place that it is) will not be an issue. “Little people” are so much fun as they don’t have any “grown up” hang-ups about letting you sleep in their beds. You go girl!!

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