Odds and ends

I don’t have anything significant to share today, just a few bits and pieces from the week that made me smile, or reflect, or just be glad to be alive.

A trip down memory lane…

I went to my old high school on Friday night because this year is its 30th anniversary and there was a whole day and night of festivities. It was so strange walking around, remembering parts of the school and not others. I know some people hate school but I have to say, I LOVED high school. Probably because I am a self-confessed nerd, and also because I started going out with Souljourneyboy in Year 11, but also because it was jut a great school and I had a really good education. We even invited a few of our teachers to our wedding. Trees that I remember planting towered over me and the crappy lockers we all hated are now replaced with very snazzy looking ones. It was a really nice night.


He amused me the other day. I was picking him up early from his classroom when he said breathlessly, “Oh Mum, I just have to quickly tell the teacher something” and dashed off back inside. After several moments he reappeared and we started walking towards the car. “What did you have to tell him?” I asked, thinking it was something to do with homework or a note. “Oh, I just had to tell him that your lungs are actually an involuntary muscle while you sleep,” he replied.

Of course! No reason why that could wait a second longer than it had to 🙂


He really is very sweet, my Picasso. I might have shared this before, but he saw a recruitment ad for nurses about a year ago and asked me, “Mum, can boys be nurses?” So since then he has decided that he wants to be a pediatric nurse. The other day we went for a walk – just the two of us – and he told me that he really wants to be the nurses that looks after the sick babies in the NIC unit. I reckon he’ll probably end up doing it too. I’ve never heard of any other 7-year-old boy choosing that as a career path, but that’s just like Picasso. He is a big marshmallow.


I have decided I really MUST do something about my eating habits! I tried Michelle Bridges last year and lost a few kilos, but lately seem to have been eating like a bear about to hibernate. One of my closest friends and I said we would try and give up sugar, but I was an abject failure. I really just need to give up snacking on junk. So why this morning I decided to bake a delicious passionfruit slice is beyond me.

So there you go! It’s Sunday here and poor Little Miss is lounging on the beanbag with a high temperature and a cold. The boys are playing Monopoly, Souljourneyboy is marking schoolwork and I think I might read a book. Enjoy your day!

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