Sole pursuits

I love having kids. I really do. I like doing things with them too – generally.

But today I really found myself longing for the things I used to do on my own, like:

Sleeping in

As Little Miss (the youngest) is now nearly 5, I shouldn’t complain. They all – usually – sleep through the night and they don’t get up at 4am. But WHY does she get up at 6am on a Saturday? And especially a day like today – when it was all dark and rainy and absolutely perfect weather for snoozing until well into the day???? Needless to say she was cranky as anything by 11am and had to have a nap. It could all have been avoided with a sleep in!


It was a rainy day, and we needed to get my Mum a present. So I thought it sounded like a lovely idea to go out for breakfast and wander around the shops. Why don’t I ever remember that shops with kids is not fun??? I just end up getting cross at everyone.


I love cooking. I was really looking forward to cooking dessert for my Mum’s birthday dinner. Then I had three helpers and it all went downhill. It seems EVERYONE needs to do EXACTLY the same amount of “helping” tasks or all hell breaks loose.

Doing puzzles

We did all enjoy this for a little while, then everyone gets bored and then you have puzzle pieces all over the table and no one else can do anything on it.

Don’t get my wrong – it’s nice to spend a rainy day with the fam. But it really feels like hard work sometimes!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Sole pursuits

  1. Stephanie Oatley

    It is hard work! Let’s just call a spade a spade.
    Remember when you used to have a craving for chocolate anfpd you could just grab your keys and go to the petrol station in a flash to get your fix. Now it takes 10 mins to leave the house ‘yes Aysha you need to put pants on’ ‘yes you need shoes’ ‘why are we going! Because I want to. now get in the car! Now’ only to have to go to Coles because every mother knows chocolate has 400% mark up at petrol station. You run in and grab 13 items (so you feel guilty about using the 12 items or less line and you just know cranky lady behind you is counting your basket). 12 of these items you really did not need – should I remind you of jelly crystals and dried soup? – you get home 45 mins later, polish off the entire family block of chocolate (it was on special at $3, cheaper than one small bar at petrol station) have to share with the kids, have to put shopping away and then the guilt kicks in …… I mean a whole family block of top deck!
    Yep having children is hard work.

  2. Shirley Symons

    Well – To my mind it was all worth it – I had a lovely birthday dinner, and loved my presents, and I still think you’re the goods in the daughter stakes – and with al bit of help from souljourneyboy have produced amazing grandkids. Mum

  3. Aunty Rob

    Point 1. Well….as for that luxury of sleeping in……when you are able (like when the kids are
    older and wiser to your mood of the day etc) IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN AS THE BODY CLOCK IS ALL OUT OF SYNC!!!!! What a waste!!!
    Point 2. Shopping with kids??? Are you crazy – everyone knows those pitfalls only too well!!! and it ends up being expensive as you placate them with milkshakes and other “enticing bribes and goodies”.
    Point 3. Even though the cooking exercise was a “disaster” the finished products were wonderful and well worth the second (and third) helping. This Instant Restaurant is my 1st choice every time as it is such an interesting and rewarding experience.
    Point 4. Put the puzzles all into a bag and let the kids sort them out another rainy day – at least it will keep them occupied for a (little) while, will free up the table for other games etc and save your sanity somewhat.
    Ahhh – the joys of motherhood and growing children – but would you change anything? I think not.
    After your “interesting???” week at work you deserve some well earned peace in the time out chair…..hahahaha
    You go girl.

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