The week that was…

It’s been a big week for us and lots of stuff happened. Here are some of the things that caught my attention:

Little Miss started school

Yep, it’s official; I now have three children at school! I honestly didn’t really feel too sad with her starting, mostly just happy that she was so looking forward to going, and of course deliriously excited there is now one central drop off and pick up point. She has loved it, although we hit a wall of exhaustion last night. It took me an hour and a half to get her to sleep, and I sang my entire repertoire of soft, melodic songs. I particularly like U2’s “Running to Stand Still” for this kind of thing. Only when I was half way through I realised I was actually singing about a drug addict’s slow and painful demise.

I visited the bank

I don’t really ever do this anymore, but I had to bank a cheque. I was very pleased to discover I didn’t have to fill in those small, rectangular, complicated forms you used to have to fill in (did ANYONE know what numbers were supposed to go where?) so it was very fast. One odd thing is that now banks have gone all customer friendly, there’s couches everywhere and it’s a bit hard to know where you’re supposed to line up. You think you’re just sitting down to wait and you find you’ve unwittingly applied for a business loan.

My eye got infected

Unfortunately, I suffered the consequences of wearing my contact lenses too much over the holidays and my right eye rebelled. I got worried and went to the eye hospital where there was a four-hour wait! It was all Ok in the end but I had to take very good care of my eye for a few days. It was like having a newborn again – I had to bathe it and rest it and not get it overstimulated.

We survived Week 1 of the crazy routine

For a long time I held off on extracurricular activities. But now they have become a full-blown part of our lives. Bookworm does tennis and science club, Picasso does tennis and piano, and Little Miss does ballet and acrobatics. I devised an intricately detailed rotating  fortnightly plan of who drops off and who picks up and where everyone has to be and what they have to remember, and WE DIDN’T STUFF IT UP. Yet. As my colleague would say, no one got left at the side of the road, so it was all a huge success.

Someone wanted to send me a fax at work

I don’t know what century they are living in, but it sure was weird.

So! Onwards and upwards for the rest of the school term now.

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