Fun in the sun

So I’m back!

I have been on a technology hiatus for the last week and a half as we went camping at the beach with wonderful friends, and there was no phone or internet reception to speak of. It was lovely to completely unplug for a while, and with 11 kids between us, we all had such a fun time. I thought I’d share…

The highlights

  • Amazing friends. Sitting around chatting, eating and playing board games into the wee sma’s once the kids are asleep makes you remember what life was like before you had them.
  • That deliciously exhausted feeling you get when you’ve divided your time between the beach, pool and park in one day.
  • Really good fish and chips.
  • Being surprised by my children – in particular, Little Miss’s determination. While she loves the water, up until now she has needed a back bubble in the pool. On the first day at the campsite pool, she was perturbed to see that none of the older kids were using back bubbles anymore.  Her solution? Well, learn to swim, of course. Within 2 hours she could dog paddle and dive, and after a few days she was swimming from one side of the pool to the other, sitting on the bottom, and learning backstroke. Amazing that a bit of self motivation could achieve what thousands of swimming lessons could not.
  • Coming home to a tidy linen closet after my Mum took pity on me and rearranged it while we were gone. Just wonderful!

And of course I should also share…

The lowlights

  • Finding a dead mouse in the washing up bucket.  It must have drowned overnight and Souljourneyboy accidentally grabbed it the next day as he was washing up the breakfast things. He said it was squishy. Gross.
  • The fact my healthy eating plan completely flew out the window by the time we were about five minutes into the holiday. I fear it’s celery sticks and rice crackers for me for a few weeks.
  • Putting sleeping bags back in their little drawstring bags. There is always just so much sleeping bag, and just a little itty bit of drawstring bag.

Aren’t holidays wonderful??? I always come back from beach camping trips convinced I should move to a small coastal community and take up subsistence farming.

Hope you are enjoying a break too 🙂

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