Christmas and New Year cheer

I’ve been thinking about Christmas traditions this week. I thought I’d share what a typical Christmas is like in our house…

One of our traditions happened last night, when dear friends join us for a walk down to the shop to get ice cream, and afterwards we walk to see the most amazing Christmas display at a local house.

There’s always about a hundred people crammed onto the front yard, and the decorations are spectacular – trains, lights, Santas, reindeer, nativities and a huge Christmas tree on the front lawn. The owners of the house give out candy canes and bushfire survival kits to everyone who comes, and it’s a time to catch up with neighbours you might not have seen for weeks, months, or even since the last time you were there.

And now today it’s Christmas Eve. It’s boiling hot, as usual,  and as I write this, Bookworm, Picasso and Little Miss are playing under the sprinkler with water pistols.

The tree lights are sparkling. There’s a pile of presents waiting to be wrapped by Souljourneyboy and I tonight as we watch the Christmas carols.

This evening, before the kids go to bed, we will leave cookies and milk out for Santa and sparkly food for the reindeer. I’ll read them “The Night Before Christmas” and the Christmas Story.

Tomorrow we’ll open presents and go to Church in the morning. We’ll celebrate with my family and eat more than is good for us, including the delicious Sri Lankan curry, sambol and love cake that my Dad always makes on Christmas Day. Then we’ll gear up for Christmas with Souljourneyboy’s family on Saturday, where 12 cousins will be running around like crazy. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have the families I have – my birth family, and the amazing family I married into. On New Year’s Eve we’ll head to a free local fireworks show with a few families, and New Year’s Day visit extended family who have a pool.

That’s Christmas and New Year in our house. I love the tradition and the sense of belonging Christmas brings. I love that every family has different traditions of their own.

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed and joyous Christmas and a happy New Year.

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