Life lessons learned through Lego

As I was playing with the kids this weekend I realised how many of life’s lessons can be learned through Lego. For instance…

There’s always a Plan B

There’ll never be enough of the flat three-blocks to go around, we all know that. So what do you do? You find a two-block and a one-block and you make it work. Can’t find the right red six-block? Use a blue. Picasso nearly came unstuck when he couldn’t find the right piece during building a racing car, but I wisely and sagely told him all about Plan B. The result? A cool racing car with a few multi-coloured blocks that add to the charm. And if Plan B doesn’t work – Plan C awaits!

There aren’t enough men to go around

This is a shout-out to all my single girlfriends out there who complain that there are literally NO MEN. There does seem to be a ratio of about 6:1 when it comes to available and attractive and young women and men. Well, nothing causes a Lego fight as surely as an argument over the little Lego men. I try to evenly distribute at the beginning of a Lego session to ensure fairness to all (shame this doesn’t happen on a cosmic scale) but there will inevitably be a fight over the “cool” looking ones as opposed to the Lego men with 70s haircuts (left over from my childhood). And I’m pretty sure the guy with the red necktie is gay.

You can’t have fun without ruining your fingernails

The kids are always impressed with my ability to pull apart the flattest and most stubborn of Lego blocks. The result? Torn, ragged fingernails that rip up your stockings and tear your contact lenses. Luckily, I’ve never been a girl who spends much time or money on her nails. There are so many fun things to do that are not compatible with nail care – gardening, playing with clay or playdough, fingerpainting, playing the piano, to name a few. My advice to Little Miss will always be to forget the nail polish and get your hands dirty.

The good things are sometimes hard to find

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of crap to sift through in this lifetime, and sometimes it feels like the good bits are few and far between. Like the endless supply of mismatched Lego pieces saved from mine and Souljourneyboy’s childhood, which don’t seem to fit anywhere. But then, right at the bottom of the box, you’ll find a tiny walkie talkie or a racing helmet or a flower bush that still has all its flowers. Nice.

How cool is Lego!

4 thoughts on “Life lessons learned through Lego

  1. celestialsilverbridge

    Like Minifig, I can definitely relate. I have four children two of which are handsome young men and love their legos. An like you I definitely can not find a reason to pamper my nails because with children and just the life I love to lead, painted nails do not have a place. Good post! Adina

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