Christmas magic

I really love Christmas.

I love everything about it; the bustle, the gift-giving, the sparkly decorations, the excitement of Christmas morning, sharing the day with family and friends. I love the spiritual reflection it brings when we think about God’s ultimate gift of love to us, and the fact that, for a moment, the world thinks about peace on earth.

One of the things I really love about Christmas is that I get swept up in the magic right along with my children. Yes, we are one of those families that “do” Santa – mostly because I think if you can’t believe in magic at Christmas time, then life is a little bit more depressing that it has to be. (NB – I know many families that don’t do Santa for perfectly valid reasons – no criticism from me šŸ™‚ )

And even though I’m a (mostly) responsible adult, who works in the political ream – you can’t get much less enchanting than that! – I just have this feeling that something magical really is just around the corner at Christmas time. I was reading the Polar Express to the kids the other evening, and I choked up at the end – as I always do – when it gets to the part about “those who truly believe”. I want to truly believe! I kind of do!

I just feel like anything is possible at Christmas. So I will continue to indulge the kids’ – and my own – sense of the magical at Christmas. I’ll leave the milk and cookies out, and sparkly reindeer food, and a special note thanking Santa and wishing him all the best for the next leg of his journey. I’m happy for them to have their heritage of fairyland – as Anne of Green Gables put it – as long as they can. (It actually wasn’t that long with Bookworm, who is very scientifically-minded. He announced at age 4 that Santa couldn’t possibly be real, because magic wasn’t real. Sigh.)

And anyway…who knows? It’s Christmas…magic is in the air…and anything is possible. Even peace on earth.

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