Cookies, cupcakes and companionship

We had a lovely Saturday today.

The last few weeks have been manic – I had my last exam for my Masters degree, and no sooner than I had surfaced from my postgraduate quagmire, Souljourneyboy was swallowed by the tidal wave that is end-of-year reports for teachers everywhere. (It’s always the middle of terms 2 and 4 that I begin to wonder if I’ve stumbled into that Reese Witherspoon movie ‘Just Like Heaven’, where two people are living in the same house but only catching glimpses of one another because they’re existing on different existential planes). So I guess it was no surprise that the kids have been pretty unsettled, and bickering more than usual.

So today we decided we would just be parents. We asked the kids to each choose an activity to do with the parent of their choice, and they loved the idea.

Bookworm chose a bushwalk with Souljourneyboy out the back of our house:


Picasso chose baking chocolate shortbread cookies with Souljourneyboy:

And Little Miss chose baking cupcakes with me:


The result was lots of fun and much better behaviour!

I love that weekends give us a chance to reconnect with each other after the chaos of the week (or weeks!) gone by. There truly is a spiritual element to rest and relaxation.

I hope you all get the chance to reconnect with people you love this weekend. It’s one of my favourite parts of my soul journey 🙂


In between

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