My life through magazines

As I purchased a Women’s Health magazine while out shopping the other day, I started thinking about the kinds of magazines I’ve purchased over the years, and what this says about the stages of my soul journey generally. Here’s a rundown of my life, as evidenced through my magazine purchases:


Yes, it’s shameful, but come on, I was a teenager. I’m sure other Gen-Xers out there spent as much time as I did plastering posters of Christian Slater all over my walls and drooling over Luke Perry. And I was always a sucker for one of those ridiculous surveys, like “What Kind of Girl are You?” etc etc.


Naturally, this magazine was reserved for my young adult years! It was quite educational, I must say, particularly when I was first married 🙂 

Wedding magazines of all descriptions

The flowers, the cake, the dress, the corsages, the reception… there’s a magazine for every bridal decision to be made. And we spend a fortune on them!!!!

Home Beautiful/Home Design

Shortly after we were married, Souljourneyboy and I built our first house. And I think if we counted up all the money we spent on magazines we could have actually built an extension on the house itself.

Parenting/Real Life

Then along came the babies. It was suddenly very important to read all about how to wrap a newborn and whether bottle feeding a baby really will eventuate in them not achieving their full potential when they sit their HSC. OK, I’m being facetious –  actually I did read a lot of good articles during this time of my life, and more than anything, it made me realise I wasn’t alone in navigating the sometimes horrifying minefield that is motherhood.

Super Food Ideas

When the kids grew out of being babies, I got really into cooking. Especially the recipes that promised a delicious meal cheaply! As we were on one salary, cost was of huge importance. I still love to cook – and now I could actually afford quality ingredients! – but alas, don’t have a great deal of time for it anymore.

Women’s Health

And finally, that brings me to the current time of my life. I never thought I’d be interested in a Women’s Health magazine, but find I am now seduced by promises of weight loss and more energy. I’m also thinking of signing up for Foreign Affairs, now I have finished my Masters degree. And I do love my World Vision freebie mag, that keeps me connected a world beyond my immediate horizon.

I’d love to hear what kinds of magazines you’ve read through your life!


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