New horizons up ahead

On Wednesday I finished my exam on International Security, hit the send button, and watched as four years’ worth of work came to a glorious end.

I started my Masters of International Relations four years ago, when Little Miss was about one, and I wasn’t working. I felt lost in nappies and motherhood, and I needed something for me. So, naturally, a Masters Degree was the logical solution 🙂 Then I started working just two days, then two became three, then four – and finally I was working full-time and I was still slogging away at the degree in my “spare” time. There were times when I nearly gave it away, and to be honest I don’t think anybody could have blamed me. But I like finishing what I start, and I stuck with it – in no small part due to Souljourneyboy’s unfailing support.

Despite the stress I have to say I have loved it, and I really am going to miss the intellectual stimulation. But I am so relieved it is done! And now I’m looking forward to some new challenges, which will be:

Enjoying the kids more

I’m so enjoying the fact there’s no niggle of guilt now that I should be listening to a lecture, or reading, or studying. I’m looking forward to being present when I’m with the kids, instead of secretly trying to nut out ethics around humanitarian intervention in my head when I’m supposedly playing lego.

Getting on top of my health

I’ve done it – officially signed up for the next round of Michelle Bridges! It starts on November 19 and I’m hoping to lose around 8kg, but most importantly get fitter and healthier. I’m sure it will kill me, but I am excited!

Spending more time on my spiritual journey

This week I went to the funeral of a dear friend’s father. He was a wonderful man, and his spiritual journey is so inspiring. He was one of those people who absolutely lived as he believed. He was authentic, humble, prayerful and loved Jesus a lot. He loved those around him and made life better for all who knew him. Hearing about his life made me realise how much I want my life to count for those things too.


I really want to get serious about my writing now – and more specifically, a children’s book I have been writing on and off for the past 10 years. It’s been through many incarnations and came very close to being published a few times – and I am determined to either get it published, or publish it myself.

So here’s to new plans and fresh beginnings!

6 thoughts on “New horizons up ahead

  1. atnumber11

    Emma you are so inspiring!!!! You’re like a modern day superwoman…can’t believe you juggled your fam + kids, a masters, and full time work. AND You’re writing a book…a dream of mine too but haven’t really done much about apart from the odd outline here and there. I love it, can’t wait to see where it goes. 🙂

  2. Rachael Jamieson

    A bend in the Alpine Path. I am so proud of you, and look forward to what’s around the bend for you. All my love. Xx

  3. Aunty Rob

    Congrats etc etc on this momentous achievement – your new journey starts today and you can look at it now through different (and exciting) eyes. Lego will now become a fun thing to do – creativity with blocks (instead of books and study) awaits you. Your journey is inspiring – what a beautiful legacy you are creating for your family. Keep your journey alive and enjoy the path you have chosen – it will be exciting and challenging, but worth every minute.
    As Uncle Peter would say – “it is now time to smell the roses and enjoy life”.
    I am proud to have you all in my life as I travel on my own different path without my own precious “Soul Mate”.
    All my love,
    AuntyRob xx

    1. souljourneygirl

      Such beautiful words, Aunty Rob. I am so glad you are such a part of our lives too, and we miss Uncle Peter so much. Looking forward to the journey ahead and the bend in the road. Love you so much xxxx

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