Weight loss saga continues…

I made the depressing discovery this week that I have now passed the “half-way” mark of my wardrobe.

By that I mean I have more clothes in the “don’t fit” pile than the “do fit”. It started with the odd button that was slightly too tight – and now I can only get into one pair of jeans out of the five cluttering up my drawers!

I blame the bizarre combination of a bout of Giardia a few years ago, coupled with a significant amount  of personal stress about 18 months ago, which saw me lose heaps of weight. In what was obviously a delirious frenzy of malnutrition, I got rid of all the clothes that were too big, and find myself with a whole stack of clothes that won’t fit me now!

So I either buy a new wardrobe – can’t see Souljourneyboy liking that idea – or I (shudder) actually set myself to losing some weight.

I know I’m not that big, in fact I only need to lose about 5-6 kilos. It’s just that small amount is literally a dress size for me and for some reason seems so insurmountable. As does the thought of giving up the two blocks of chocolate I seem to be eating every weekend.

Anyway I have been inspired by a colleague who has nearly completed the 12-week Michelle Bridges course, so I think I’m going to sign up for the next round, which starts on November 21. It’s kind of depressing I’ll be doing it over Christmas but I had to wait until Uni was finished, because I have absolutely no time for exercise at the moment.

So…I’m taking the plunge. Six kilos gone…hopefully by January when I have to wear swimmers in front of other people, (almost) daily exercise and lots of clean food. And I’ve put it out into the blogosphere now so I HAVE to do it.

It can’t be too hard – surely???


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