Can I really be getting old?

I’ve tried to ignore it.

I’ve tried to get rid of it.

But alas, I am now forced to admit the truth.

I have grey hair!

A couple of years ago I spied a silvery strand when I was doing my hair for a wedding. After surreptitiously looking around to make sure no one was watching, I pulled it out. Surely, I thought to myself, one grey hair doesn’t actually count. It’s not like I’m going grey or anything as dreadful as that.

Since then, I have seen a couple now and then, and they have met the same fate.

But the other day – coincidentally just after turning 35 – I pulled my hair back in a “half-up, half-down” style. Shock, horror – there they were! A glimmering patch of white gold!

There were too many to pull out and equally too many to ignore. I quickly changed hairstyles and went to work, rather depressed.

Is it true that I am really in my mid-thirties and have grey hair? I still feel the same way I did on the day I turned 19. Well – almost – I don’t think I am as annoying as I was in my late teens. But you know what I mean – it doesn’t seem possible that 16 years has elapsed since then.

I feel like I have relinquished other parts of my body to age – like my poor stomach, which bears the scars that come with having had three children. And my joints – they actually creaked the other day when I bent down to pick up an errant toy off the ground. But my hair – surely that’s a bridge too far?

In a culture that worships youth, the signs of age can be somewhat daunting. But I think that even worse than ending up looking old, is ending up looking like you got old and tried not to. One of the things I admire so much about Audrey Hepburn is that she grew old with grace and dignity – no surgery or botox or photshopping.

That said, I’m not prepared to entirely embrace the grey right yet. I can see a visit to the hairdressers on the cards…

6 thoughts on “Can I really be getting old?

  1. Evan

    I reckon you’re doing pretty good to only just be getting gray hairs (or maybe only just noticing them)! I have already had them for years and so has Olivia. I just wanted to say that, even though this is the first time i’ve actually commented, I have read most of your posts and enjoy them.

  2. janinejackson

    I’m hearing ‘ya! I’m only 32 and I have located 6 so far. And do you know where it’s really easy to spot them?? In the work bathrooms – the light is good there. I’ve have yanked all of them out from the root with a tweezer & every time I do it I get caught by the resident GM! Cringe!

  3. Bloss

    Ok, so here’s an admission which may by TMI, but I think will be ok. I found grey hairs earlier this year for the first time. I was shocked but not upset. But then I had a realisation….I am 37. Lately I have noticed grey hairs appearing and becoming a little harder to disguise. I also have shockling skin at the moment from hormones. Seriously…if I am getting old and grey then can’t the teenage hormonal acne stuff just back off??? Or, if it can’t and my face is going to be spotty, then I WANT MY SHINY DARK HAIR BACK. And now I will calm down and stop being so vain 🙂

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