The kindness of strangers

I was reminded today that the world can be a lovely place.

We had set off for a family walk down to the shops to return a DVD and get ice creams, when poor Picasso tripped over an uneven patch of the cement footpath and came crashing wildly to the ground. Souljourneyboy and I were walking ahead when we hard three loud thuds – knee, knee, head – followed by hysterical screaming.

Poor kid – his knees were all gravelly and grazed and bleeding, and his head was sore – and we were still only halfway to the shops.

We were looking around for a tap, and wondering whether we should abandon the walk altogether and go back for the car, when a lovely older couple appeared from a nearby front yard to offer assistance. We went into their home and sat on their lounge while they fetched antiseptic cream, bandaids and a washer, as well as tiny teddy packets for all three kids. They kept Picasso amused with funny stories while I wiped down his knees and applied the cream and bandaids. Then – once we’d left and made it almost to the shops before realising I had accidentally left the DVD on their table – they pulled up in their car. They’d driven down the street to return it to us.

Souljourneyboy and I were blown away by their kindness. (I was also blown away by my own ability to leave things lying around, apparently even in the houses of other people I’ve never met before).

I love how life gives you gifts like that. I am certainly happy to pay that kindness forward one day!


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