I feel a bit offish this week, and it’s because of holidays.

Part of me – the “Mum” part of me – loves school holidays. Lazy mornings, pyjamas until lunchtime, bush walks, riding bikes, playing soccer and painting and just reconnecting with each other.

And the other part of me – the “Working Mum” part – just finds it really hard, because at times all of those lovely things I listed above are being enjoyed without me.

Souljourneyboy is a teacher and I know how lucky I am that I don’t need to frantically find weeks of care like other Working Mums do. He is also such a great Dad and, to be honest, probably enjoys all those activities more than I do. But it’s still hard going off to work when part of you just wants to be at home.

I’m also aware that I know a disproportionate number of teachers, who get 10 weeks of holidays a year. I don’t begrudge them that at all – I know how hard they work – but it’s just not real life for the majority of us. And I was an only child with a Mum who didn’t work much when I was young, so I have this ideal in my head which I am never going to live up to (which is my choice – I do generally like working).

So I’m trying to concentrate on the positives – I work a day from home, I have flexible hours which means I can get to special assemblies/concerts etc and I earn enough so that we have some great holidays planned for the years ahead. Soul Sister reminded me of all these things yesterday when I was moping a little, and she’s quite right.

And yet… this week I just miss everyone.

Still – there’s always the chance that when I get home I’ll be confronted by a fight over blocks of lego – and then I’ll probably be quite pleased I haven’t had to listen to that all day 🙂

So here’s to us Working Mums – bringing home the bacon!

2 thoughts on “Off-kilter

  1. Aunty Rob

    The weekend is looming and there is an extra day off for you this week – enjoy it with your wonderful family – even if they do fight over the Lego!!!!

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