Spring has sprung!

So it’s been September for a few weeks now but it’s only been this week that I’ve experienced the little signs that make me think, oh yes, it really is Spring!

First and foremost – painted toenails!

Yes indeed, I have dusted off the open-toed shoes and broken out the nail polish. Love it!

Second – dreaming about a pool.

Every year around this time I catch myself wistfully wishing we had a pool, or knew someone with a pool well enough that we could camp out there for the summer. I had this moment on the weekend, when I really wished there was one handy!

Third – a spring in my early-morning step!

I am a morning person, but even I find it depressing to drag myself out of bed in pitch-black darkness and stumble, bleary-eyed, around the bedroom. Love the fact that now when I open my eyes, the sun is peeking through the cracks in the blind.

Fourth – arms and legs.

Once more I can see my children’s arms and legs! They’re so cute. The downside, of course, is the additional half-hour time slot for suncream application now needed everytime we leave the house.

Finally – mangoes!

Not the sad, artificially ripened ones you see in the shops in Winter, but the real, seasonal, honest-to-goodness kind. Nothing says warm weather better than a delicious, juicy mango.

So needless to say – Spring is here and I am happy about it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Bloss

    Woo-hoo! I LOVE spring!

    Love your list too – mine would be very similar, but I would add that I treasure the end of singlets and socks for 4 kids. t-shirt and shorts. That’s all. Sometimes socks, but not every single day.

    Less washing, less folding and fewer socks for me to lose! Win.

  2. Aunty Rob

    And now for the best part – Daylight Savings start on Sunday October 7 – what joy!!!
    The upside – flowers in the garden, the heady scent of Jasmine in the evening, long afternoons relaxing outdoors in the glorious “Sunshine Patio” (read carport!!)
    The downside – more weeds, more frequent lawn mowing, more “water usage” for the garden – ha ha ha!!!
    Goodbye to winter till next year……….

  3. Asta

    I had just started to sit in the early morning sun on my verandah, with my coffee, journal and prayer book… and then the rain came back and the temperature dropped. How can it be one degree at night one night – 3o during the day a few days later (predicated temperature for Monday)? We have our wood fire burning again. But the glorious blue, pink and purple wild flowers I saw on our mad dash of a walk today – between the showers – are signs of hope that blue, cloudless days are on their way. (Then I am sure to miss the fire!) – Asta x

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