Weekend: highlights and lowlights

Well another weekend is almost done. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends and family, cooking and just enjoying the beautiful weather. I thought I’d share some of the highs and lows with you…


The sunshine! Especially Sunday morning. Beautiful, warm, sunny loveliness. Even hanging out the washing was lovely, as I could smell the perfume of the jonquils. When Spring comes, I always remember just how much I missed it.


The wind! Friday was a shocker – I saw a colleague outside when I went to get lunch and while we tried to talk the poor man was whipped repeatedly in the face with my hair. In the end we gave up on our conversation because we actually couldn’t see each other.


The school spring fair! I love fairs. It was such a fun day of rides, stalls, sausage sizzle, face painting, farm animals, ice cream and fairyfloss.


Firstly – waiting in lines. I think I was in the Dodgem Car line for 40 minutes.  And then I became disproportionately angry with kids who were jumping the queue. I have made lifelong enemies with a group of Year 4 girls whom I soundly told off and made go to the end. Another lowlight – the trauma that ensued after Picasso visited the Haunted House. We TOLD him not to go – we KNEW it would turn ugly, but he wouldn’t listen. He ended up sobbing hysterically, and when we tried to put him to bed he was convinced monsters were going to jump out the shadows and scream at him.


Taking Little Miss on a play date to a preschool friend’s house. There were a couple of lovely other preschool Mums there and we just clicked. Love making new friends. She also had an awesome garden which gave me lots of ideas for my own.


That mournful Sunday-night feeling you get because the week is about to begin. Luckily, I have the bags all ready – if you haven’t read about my system of bags which is about to change our lives, read this post. Although I did have to buy new drink bottles for each bag, to ensure the system reach its FULL potential.


The interesting political discussions we have with Bookworm whenever we have to go and vote anywhere.


Having to go and vote. Like many of us, I think three tiers of government is too many, but having worked at the local and state levels I’m not sure who you get rid of. And it’s just hard to get excited about local government elections.

So that’s our weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours 🙂

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