A Traveller on a Quest for Organisation

Today I bought sports bags.

I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but there is more to this story.

I sometimes feel like the grand narrative of my life is actually a Quest to be Organised. I get really excited when I discover a system or product that I am convinced will magically change my disorganised mess into neat, labelled, easy-to-use orderliness and thus revolutionise my entire body, mind and soul.

I was discussing this with a colleague today and she too confessed to harbouring the errant belief that boxes would somehow redeem her household disorganisation – and yes, I have to admit I’ve been there. Sadly, after spending hundreds of dollars on plastic crates of all colours and sizes from the Reject Shop, all I have really ended up with is a stack of broken plastic in the garage after the kids played Pirate Ships in them one too many times.  

Wicker baskets have been another trap for me. I spied them in a catalogue and was immediately convinced that pretty white baskets lined with pink-and-white or blue-and-white striped cloth inside would save the world (or mine at least). Now, of course, they are stained with texta and have old glue stuck to them and got chewed by the cat and one had a cup of coffee spilled on it and there seem to be five dedicated to old pens that don’t work anymore.

Tupperware parties are the worst. I was seduced by those green-lidded Smart Series containers with little air valves that allow your vegetables to “breathe”. Last time I looked, the one that is supposed to be for broccoli was being used as a paint container for Little Miss.

And yet another one – charts. When the kids were little I had beautiful charts detailing naps and snacks, then as they got older, afternoon playtime and homework time and unpacking-the-dishwasher time. It was all very SuperNanny, the idea being one activity would flowinto another without stress, complaint or argument.

Hmm. I’m not even going there.

So anyway, this brings me back to bags. After many years of holding out against extra-curricular activities, our family has now embraced tennis (Bookworm and Picasso), soccer (Picasso), ballet (Little Miss) and swimming (all three). After all five of us spent last Tuesday afternoon frantically searching for Picasso’s soccer socks, I decided right then that sports bags dedicated to each activity were a COMPLETE NECESSITY, you know, along with food and water.

And so I went and bought them, and feel the Holy Grail of Organisation may indeed, finally, be mine….

3 thoughts on “A Traveller on a Quest for Organisation

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  2. Aunty Rob

    Hi souljourneygirl – organisation is a never-ending quest. I totally agree – all those “organisational tubs/baskets/Tupperware/plastic boxes with lids that clip on are a great idea but the only people who get organised are those who sell these demon devices!!! At least it “organises” their shelves in-store. And another thought – who can find those pesky plastic lids when you need them???
    Good luck on your “quest” and let me know when you find the ultimate in storage solutions! Cheers

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