The battle every family faces…

It’s ugly.

It’s persistent.

It’s beyond stressful.


Already, I know you are all out there scratching your heads just from reading the words.

I almost didn’t write this post because who wants to admit their kids have got head lice? And then I thought, stuff it, this really is a universal battle faced by every family.

We’ve actually been pretty lucky – the only other time the kids ever brought it home, the boys were a lot younger and Little Miss just a baby. My solution was to just shave the boys’ heads, which worked wonderfully.

Unfortunately, this time it is Little Miss who is afflicted, and while I did briefly think of shaving her head, I accidentally mentioned it out loud and she screamed the house down. She also screamed the house down when Bookworm helpfully told her that lice suck blood from your scalp (yes, there is such a thing as too much knowledge). And she also screams the house down anytime she sees the finetooth comb/sees my looking in her hair/sees the treatment bottle. So you can imagine this is not a fun time in our house.

It began about three weeks ago when I realised she had them, and I treated everyone – although the others didn’t seem to have caught them, luckily – but it just keeps coming back! It’s so hard to go through her hair because she has so much of it, and sitting there picking eggs out of her hair makes me feel like an ape. She actually calls it “egg-picking”. It’s just so awful.

And I feel like nothing I’m doing is working! So today I went back to the chemist and spent nearly $200 on treatments, new brushes, hair elastics and clips and a special electric comb that apparently kills them while you brush your hair. I am planing to wash all sheets and pillowslips, put the pillows in the dryer on high and treat everyone on a seven-night rotation schedule until all our hair falls out.

I am determined to triumph!!!!!!

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

6 thoughts on “The battle every family faces…

  1. janinejackson

    Oh my gosh does lice REALLY suck blood from your scalp??? Argh!!!!!!

    I remember when I had lice as a kid my parents washed our hair with alchohol. Like brandy or whiskey or something and it got rid of them!

  2. Bel

    oh I feel for you! as someone with LOTS of thick hair, I understand the pain of trying to be rid of the evil that is head lice. Hoping the infestation miraculousy disappears! (who wants to spend their spare time “egg picking” anyway? Like you have nothing better to do!

  3. Aunty Rob

    Now that you ask – just buy el-cheapo hair conditioner, (Reject Shop @ $1.99) comb it through the hair, leave it for 10 mins and rinse thoroughly. Nits begone!!! This remedy highly recommended by a Professor of Lice from James Cook Uni in Cairns. And yes – he is actually doing a thesis on this age-old (and continuing) problemo. Good hunting.

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