I heard something annoying on the radio today.

And no, it wasn’t the ghastly spectacle of Jackie O renewing her wedding vows as part of her Big Fat Gypsy wedding live-to-air.

It was a news item about taxing previously duty-free cigarettes and grog. As part of the news grab, someone from some lobby group was interviewed saying the tax was “unAustralian.”


Am I the only one that clenches both jaw and fist when hearing that term?

It seem to be the term-de-jour. I have heard it about so many different issues – everything from changing the flag to pokie tax to climate change to graffiti to cigarette packaging. I’ve heard it from journalists and politicians and celebrities and lobbyists speckled right across the political spectrum. I’ve just heard it WAY TOO MUCH.

I think the thing that I really hate about it is that it’s just so – lazy. I’m not one for confrontation, but I do quite enjoy a good debate. And by good, I mean intelligent, informed, articulate, impassioned and thoughtful. Trying to win an argument by using the ridiculous “it’s unAustralian” on anyone who doesn’t agree with you just proves, in my opinion, that you’ve got no basis for whatever argument you’re trying to make.

If someone feels passionately enough about something to go on the radio to talk about it, they should bloody well be able to back up their point of view with some salience. Instead, they roll out “it’s unAustralian” like we’re all supposed to suddenly and blindly nod our heads and say, “oh my, well I’d better agree then with taxing cigarettes/changing the flag/carbon tax, because, God forbid I’d hate to be considered unpatriotic.” It’s infuriating, and condescending.

From now on, the minute someone trots out that trite chestnut, I am going to tune out (or change the station). If they can’t be bothered to put some proper thought into their own point of view, or any decent effort into changing mine, then I’m not going to be bothered listening to their complaint.

Refusing to listen to numptys – that’s got to be pretty Australian, right?




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