It’s true…I have become my mother!

It’s official.

I have  become my mother.

For some time now, I’ve had an inkling that this might be the case. For example, I can no longer stay awake until the end of movies. When I was young it used to aggravate me beyond all measure that Mum would fall asleep before ever making it to the end of the show – I mean, wasn’t she interested? Didn’t she want to know what happened at the end?  Now, I reach my limit somewhere around 9:30pm and just look up the endings on wikipedia the next day.

And naps. I never understood why Mum would go off for a 20-minute kip in the afternoon. But just yesterday I found myself saying to Souljourneyboy, “I just need to shut my eyes for 20 minutes”. It was as though I was opening my mouth and her words were coming out!

I also found this entry while I was trawling through my Diary of a Teenage Girl. It was written on a day when Mum, Dad, myself and Soul Sister were getting ready to travel to my grandmother’s house:

Mum had her usual stress because we were just ten minutes late (I will NEVER do that).”

Hmm. Enough said.

And then the final clincher. Anyone who knows my Mum knows she is – expressive. If you want someone to be excited because you got an award or a payrise or even just found your lost socks, my Mum is your go-to girl. No-one does surprise and excitement like she does – it’s hilarious (and also very encouraging!) Well, a colleague of mine who doesn’t usually sit near me has been sitting at the desk next to mine for the past 3 weeks. The other day she said, ‘You know Em, I love sitting next to you. You are so funny to listen to on the phone. You really show everything you’re feeling. If you’re surprised, then you are SURPRISED. It’s awesome!”

Well, I’m glad I can bring some life to the office party, but all I could think of was – oh my goodness, I am my mother.
Lucky she’s amazing and I don’t really mind 🙂
How about you? What traits of your mother do you find yourself exhibiting as you get older?

4 thoughts on “It’s true…I have become my mother!

  1. janinejackson

    Well this is timely, because just today my family was joking about how I’ve turned into my Mum. She’s a walking tear duct and during speeches at a birthday party today I couldn’t stop crying. I cried and cried. When I turned around, I realised my Mum was standing behind me doing exactly the same! I’ve never been a big crier. I said to Mum afterwards,”I can’t believe how much I cried today”. And she laughed and told me that she only became a crier in her 30s too!

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