I feel the need…to travel

I love this quote: “The world is a book, and people who don’t travel read only a page.”

Maybe it’s because it’s winter, and I don’t have any time off work in sight, but I have been thinking way too much about holiday destinations lately (particularly warm sunny ones).

Like a delicious chocolate gelato, my Italian Adventures both sated my desire to travel and at the same time made me want more. Souljourneyboy and I are also really keen to take Bookworm, Picasso and Little Miss overseas to let them see for themselves how rich and varied the big wide world is.  

So we have been talking a lot about where we’d like to go one day, and I thought I’d share.

So far I have been to the UK (although I was 1 so I guess it doesn’t really count), Sri Lanka, Western Samoa, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, Italy and Switzerland.  

My top spots so far:

  • Venice – a complete otherworld experience.
  • St Moritz (Switzerland) – absolutely stunning scenery, and with the light snow that fell while we were there – completely magical.
  • Sigirya – Sri Lanka (rock fortress dating back to 5BC). The history of the fortress is incredible, as is the view from the top.
  • Negombo – Sri Lanka (picture-perfect beach). White sand and warm crystal waters – my kind of beach.
  • Bellagio – gorgeous Italian village on Lake Como.

 Here are my top spots of where I would like to travel:

  • Prince Edward Island – so my soul can embrace all things Anne.
  • Scotland – hills and castles. Need I say more.
  • Costa Rica – Mayan ruins, dazzling beaches, jungle exploration. A perfect holiday spot that has it all.
  • Vienna. It may just be because I LOVE the Sound of Music, but it’s on my must-see list.
  • The Mediterranean. All of it.

How about you? Where have you been that you loved – and where are you dying to go?

18 thoughts on “I feel the need…to travel

  1. Rachael Jamieson

    Favorite places I’ve been:
    – Prince Edward Island (Anne Fanne)
    – Venice (as explained by you)
    – Lake Como (ridiculously stunning)
    – Salzburg (The home of S of M, excuse the correction. Do go to Vienna too, it’s fabulous).
    – Scotland (My family heritage is Scittish, as well as some favorite books being set there).
    – The South of Spain (Wonderful architecture)
    – The Lakes District in England (Stunning scenery, Beatrix Potter and memories if Jodi and me)
    – New York City (doesn’t need an explanation)
    – Quebec City (fabulous, fabulous)
    – Nirth Wales ( wonderful memories of good times with my husband)
    – South Island of NZ (Will’s first OS trip)
    – Amsterdam (so cool and livable)

    Places yet to visit and on the list:
    – Machu Pichu
    – Scandanavia
    – France
    – Turkey
    – The Adriatic
    – China
    – Hawaii

      1. Rachael Jamieson

        True Anne fans spell fan with a double n and e too. True Anne fans don’t read it as fanny.

  2. Stephanie

    We ave travelled extensively but there is always more to see……….south Africa is on my list, along with NYC. I am all for taking kids overseas even for an inexpensive tropical holiday like Fiji as the culture is so different. Aysha has been to the uk twice, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Sicily, France, Switzerland, new Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, LA, Florida, Singapore but she lives wales best of all 🙂

  3. Bloss

    I am not nearly so well travelled, but I am to rectify that at some point!
    We have done lots of Australia – Tassie, the Great Ocean Road, Cairns / Reef etc / sailed the Whitsundays, Uluru, Alice Springs through to Adelaide and the Flinders Ranges, outback NSW, Alpine Victoria.

    South Island of NZ, Vanuatu, London and Paris.

    Places I long to visit:
    Greece, for the history. I WILL have my photo taken standing next to Leonidas.
    More of France
    The whole UK
    PEI. Of course.
    Europe – as much of it as I can!

    Weirdly, it seems, I am not at all interested in visiting America. Maybe New York, but I could take it or leave it. I would rather see the places above.

    Such fun awaits me!

    1. Kev

      If you go to PEI you may as well do NY in the same trip. Canada is high on my list too, though more for snow and pickups.

  4. claire

    Ohhh sooo many places… where to begin??? England, actually all of the UK. Italy, France, Switzerland…ok let’s just say Europe. New York, the southern states of America, Canada (Yes PEI), Seattle, Alaska, the Cook Islands, New Zealand… sigh… one day!!!

  5. janinejackson

    I think of all the places I’ve travelled, China & Belgium were my favourite. China for the amazing history and the Terracotta Warriors which are my fav pieces of art ever! And Belgium, frankly, for the chocolate ;p

    I really want to go to Iceland! I’ve been watching Game of Thrones and it’s making me ache for a trip to Reykjavik!

  6. Randy Balwin

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  7. Steph Allen

    My favourite places abroad:
    HALLSTAT, AUSTRIA – A beautiful village set at the bottom of the Alps and on the lake
    ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER, GERMANY – amazing medieval town
    RHINE RIVER, GERMANY – lots of castles and vineyards along the river
    Castles near BLOIS, FRANCE
    JUNGFRAU, SWITZERLAND – wonderful cog rail train journey up to a glacier
    PARIS, FRANCE (enough said)
    EGYPT – it’s surreal standing next to the Pyramids and overlooking Cairo
    I could go on & on. I love travel 🙂

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