A visit to IT…

So for some reason my phone staged a sit-in this week and refuse to receive text messages. (I only realised this was the case after a day of feeling joyously happy that all the stars had aligned and there were no crises happening. That feeling soon evaporated once I realised crises were happening, it was just that I didn’t know about them. In this case, ignorance was not necessarily bliss.)

In order to solve the problem, I had to visit the IT department.

Now, to all my dear friends who work in IT and break every stereotype – I apologise. But here is a list of what I witnessed on my IT jaunt:

  • Figurines. Yes, desks were loaded up with little superhero/anime/cartoon figurines, the kind that Picasso might have collected a few years ago.
  • Weird hobbies. One person was engaged in colouring in and cutting out small paper figures. Presumably they do this while they are on the phone, ostensibly solving your terribly urgent technology crisis, which certainly explains a few things.
  • Lots of sneakers. Everyone was wearing sneakers, including women who were also wearing dresses.
  • Fast food. Loads of empty and in-use Macdonald’s bags.
  • A discussion about superheros. While I was waiting, I actually overheard some of them talking about Spiderman.
  • A cool Asian guy with a funky haircut and tattoos. It’s actually true that every IT department has one, it must be part of the KPIs.
  • A skinny old guy with a long beard, big glasses and stone-wash jeans. Again, a KPI successfully met.

So that was my visit to the IT floor, kind of like a real-life version of the Big Bang Theory. And of course there was one last event which truly told me I was in IT-land. After three people had inspected my phone, tried numerous remedies, decided the problem was beyond everyone’s expertise and outsourced it to the  “next level up” which might take some time, I was warned – you know what actually solved the problem? Taking out the battery and putting it back in again.

Gotta love IT.

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