Italian Adventures III – Verona

In fair Verona where we lay our scene…Soul Sister and I did venture.

We had planned to just do a day trip, but at the last minute decided to stay the night and explore this beautiful and famous city.

So what did I remember most about Verona?

Was it Juliet’s balcony, where lovers throughout the ages have celebrated the supposed inspiration for the world’s most famous play?

Or the statue of Juliet, supposed to bring good fortune to those who touch her breast? (This is why there’s a man’s hand in this picture grabbing the poor statue in such an indelicate fashion. It’s a bit off, if you ask me).

Or perhaps it was the medieval Castlevecchio?

I did enjoy seeing all of these beautiful sites. But I have to admit what I remember most about Verona is a distressing side-effect of travel that is not often talked about – constipation!

Clearly my diet in Italy was somewhat different to what it usually is (I don’t usually eat endless croissants, pasta, pizza, gelato and risotto). Whatever the cause, I was in a fair amount of pain in Verona! In the end I decided I had to get something from the chemist – only, none of the staff could speak any English AT ALL. There are some things that can be translated across languages using a mix of words and actions. Constipation is not one of those things. I chickened out and bought some useless box of tablets for something I didn’t have and we just kept going. Fortunately that afternoon we came across markets selling fresh fruit salad and I cut down on the carbs for a few days and my system adjusted.

However it’s a word of warning to all you potential travelers out there! There is such a thing as too much pasta in Italy 🙂

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