Diary of a Teenage Girl Part II

More trials and tribulations of a teenage Souljourneygirl. Will she speak to Boy1? Will she ever stop crying? Find out below…

9-12-91. Monday.

It’s the first day of hols! I MUST lose weight! (NOTE: Souljourneygirl was probably about 50kg at the time)

Slight check in love life. (NOTE: the term ‘love life’ is used somewhat loosely)

I don’t know whether or not I love Boy1 anymore! I think it’s that I was in love with my Boy1, and not the reality of Boy1. I turned him into the perfect fantasy guy! But I still don’t know him!

Anyway, I have something on my conscience. I tape ‘Dark Shadows’ on a Saturday night and Mum and Dad don’t know. I have done for 2 weeks. It’s good. I’m more interested in what will happen than in anything else. I just have to know! I wish I’d never taped it because now I’m hooked. I feel really bad, and I’m sorry, but not sorry enough to stop being hooked. It’s upsetting. I wonder if my children will ever read this! (NOTE: Souljourneygirl can’t bring herself to share the horror of these transgressions with the children).

I have just been wrapping up Christmas prese – (writing broken off).

Sorry! I am back – I never got to finish what I was going to say as I was wrapping up Christmas presents and we started wrapping Mum’s and Dad HADN’T EVEN CONSULTED ME in the choice! I just started crying! But I am not ashamed of tears (well, clearly).

Oh dear! I am so romantically-minded. I act out dramatic scenes all the time when no one is around!

OK, that’s all I can bear to share right now.

Isn’t it amazing I grew up to be a normal human being???


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