Counting calories (sigh)

Like many women across the world today, I went into the new week today burdened by the knowledge of what I’d eaten on the weekend.

Still, Monday is always a fresh start, and I once again recommitted eagerly to my weight loss goal, promising myself that I would:

  • snack only on fruit
  • have lite tuna and weight watchers cottage cheese for lunch.

That plan lasted for about an hour, because this is what I found on the red table in our department:

As I looked upon the shiny, seductive packet of sinfulness, I calmly contemplated this question:


Before I knew it, I’d scarfed three down and my tuna and cottage cheese was looking less appealing by the second. I don’t know about anyone else, but once I’ve screwed up the morning’s eating plan, it’s so hard to get back on track the rest of the day. It’s like my brain goes, “oh well, you’ve had a couple of chocolate biscuits so therefore you may as well have a super-sized KFC meal for lunch, followed by chocolate cheesecake for afternoon tea because THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

The other thing my brain does is selectively choose what calories it counts. The other day my Mum offered me a piece of lemon tart and my brain actually said: “oh well that’s OK because Mum’s given it to me.”

Really?? Why would anyone think that?

Another weird thing happens to me when I’m trying to diet; I suddenly have an urge to spend money. It’s so strange. It’s like I can be frugal OR I can be calorie-conscious, but not both at the same time. Clearly, being self-controlled in one area means I have to break out radically in another. It’s very annoying.

Well the day’s almost over now and while I did stick to my tuna and cottage cheese for lunch I also ate another three Tim Tams. The trade-off, I told myself, was that I had to be EXTRA GOOD tonight and basically just eat apple peel for dinner.

Only…Souljourneyboy rang and informed me we’re having homemade gourmet pizzas for dinner. YUM.

There’s always next Monday, right?

2 thoughts on “Counting calories (sigh)

  1. Sandi Kolbe

    There’s always next Monday! Plus that red table and it’s goodies relieves a lot of stress 🙂

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