Italian Adventures II – Venice

Ah – Venezia! One of the most famous places in the world.

I think I was looking forward to Venice more than any other part of my Italian adventure. I had visions of wafting gracefully through cobbled Venetian streets in my red, floaty dress; pausing, thoughtfully and romantically, over little bridges; soaking up the Spring breeze and enjoying the beauty of the sunlight glinting off the canals.

Well. That was not quite how our first day in Venice eventuated.

It was freezing. I mean, sleet-and-rain-and-howling wind-freezing. Soul Sister’s and my very first purchases in Venice were pairs of gloves (see mine below):

And then our second purchases were these umbrellas:

It was a bit annoying that we’d seen them for 3 Euros in Milan but given the sudden turn in the weather, prices for umbrellas had skyrocketed in just two hours. We could not haggle the man down any lower than 10 Euro – each!

But still, the cobbled streets of Venice called and so we had no choice but to go ahead with the astronomical purchase.

So I had my umbrella for about 30 seconds, and then Soul Sister managed to capture the exact moment it got turned inside out:

Which happened to hers as well! So we then had to purchase another one each – for another 10 Euro! I had high hopes for this umbrella, but sadly it came to the same end:

You will notice my eyes are shining. That’s because Soul Sister’s second umbrella was also similarly ruined, and we were both actually sobbing with hysterical laughter at this point. Four umbrellas in one afternoon!

In the end we just decided to get drenched and be done with it. After all, Venice is Venice, no matter what the weather. When there are sites like this waiting for you at every turn it doesn’t really matter if you’ve lost all feeling in your feet and are one slim sock away from trenchfoot:

Beautiful, isn’t it? Venice really is as otherwordly and magical as everyone says. Even a choppy ride on the vaporetto which left me hideously seasick couldn’t get me down.  Luckily, the weather picked up the next day – and look! I was able to wear my red dress and eat gelato in San Marco Square.

We had to kind of hide as we sat on the ground to eat it, because, oddly, Venetians seem opposed to public benches and there were all these signs everywhere warning people against sitting. Who knows what that’s all about? Who cares!

Because we were in Bella Venezia!

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