Just a lazy Saturday

We had a lovely, lazy Saturday today. I love those rare days where no one needs to go anywhere. No sport, no parties, no shopping – nothing. We slept in, played games, cooked, cleaned and decluttered and generally just enjoyed being around each other.

The decluttering took the form of Souljourneyboy cleaning out the kitchen pantry. Now, delving into the pantry in our house is not for the fainthearted. You never know quite where the journey will lead, how long it will take or what you might bring back afterwards. Today’s decluttering yielded an impressive artifact – an unopened bottle of Thai sushi ginger that expired 18 months ago (what even is Thai sushi ginger? When would I have ever needed to use that?)

Then there was this remarkable amount of chicken noodle soup:

I don’t remember buying ANY chicken noodle soup. How 3000 packets ended up in the pantry I will never know.

There was also a ridiculous amount of jelly:

I never set out to buy jelly when I’m at the shops – I think I’m just seduced by the fact it’s 99 cents and I grab it as I’m flying past in a mad panic to finish the shopping before one of the kids needs to go to the toilet.

Anyway, am under strict instructions not to buy chicken noodle soup or jelly for about three years.

While Souljourneyboy was hard at work the kids and I baked a rainbow cake which was heaps of fun. Here is the batter:

And here is the finished product:

Little Miss loves rainbows and thought this was the best cake ever. Most importantly, the baking experience was enjoyed by all, without ANY fights. Quite miraculous, really!

I taught Bookworm and Picasso the card game “Speed Demons” yesterday and so there were many pitched battles today. Souljourneyboy and I had a best-of-three face-off, which he thinks he won, but I am maintaining was a tie.

So..I guess it all sounds a bit boring, but it was a really great day. I think deep down we are all homebodies in our family. So much of life is rushing from place to place that it’s nice to just… be.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday too xx

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