What is it with some days?

For all of you who were eagerly awaiting Italian Adventures part II – I apologise, because today was one of “those days” and I’m afraid I just have to share the pain.

The horror began early, when I accidentally used the nail-polish remover to wipe off yesterday’s mascara (the bottles looked the same because I have terrible eyesight – I’m probably eligible for some kind of pension).

Eventually the burning pain subsided and I was greeted by the sight of Picasso, who was still dressed in his pyjamas, trying to look sad and pale.

“I just can’t go to school,” he announced, and embarked on an impressive, theatrical coughing fit.

Now, this is the child who had stayed home from school yesterday with my Mum after convincing me he was practically at death’s door. I had arrived home to find him screaming with laughter as he raced up and down the hallway chasing Little Miss with a toy sword.

He was going to school today, and that was that.

Picasso was outraged. “I am CONTAGIOUS!” he kept shouting, “You are sending me to school and I am CONTAGIOUS!”

I wisely left Souljourneyboy to deal with that situation and headed to work – and things just went from bad to worse. I accidentally boarded the Quiet Carriage on the train and couldn’t make the urgent call I of course suddenly needed to make about three minutes into the train journey. When I disembarked I found out I needed to urgently email something to the Powers-That-Be, only naturally there was an IT drama and no one could email in or out. In the end I actually had to send a fax – I may as well have tied a message to the leg of a pigeon and sent it on its way.

Then in the midst of a presentation I was giving to a roomful of people I suddenly saw the cleaners had sent me a text. I had forgotten to leave the key out so they couldn’t get in to clean today. Oh, and as they don’t come in the school holidays I won’t actually see them for another three weeks. WONDERFUL.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I got a call from my darling mother, who was minding Little Miss for the day, and had taken her to gymnastics (Little Miss does gymnastics, not my Mum, in case that wasn’t clear). Little Miss didn’t want to walk on the high bar and the teacher got cross and now Little Miss is inconsolable and I don’t know that there’s anything worse than knowing how upset your child is, and not being able to do anything about it.

Why is it that some days the big boot of the world just squashes you flat?

I had to get out. I went out for lunch and wandered around Dymocks, which is always a calming experience. Then I came back, sat in my chair and remembered this…

This was taken when Soul Sister and I went on a day-trip to St Moritz as part of our Italian Adventure. The photo doesn’t do it justice – it was the most amazingly beautiful day; our souls felt clean. I told myself I would keep this scenery in my mind for days like this – so I could remember the truth of Marvell’s words, “Society is all but rude, To this delicious solitude”.

And so I suppose this post has ended up being about my Italian Adventure. Because wonderful adventures have the powerful ability to stay with you long after they’re gone, and make the bad days just that little bit better.

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