I love Sundays…

There’s just something special about Sundays. For me, it’s the pancakes, the lazy pace, and the fact that the sun just seems more golden on a Sunday afternoon. I like the restfulness, the spiritual reflection, and that tantalising sense of freshness that the beginning of a new week brings.

Most of all, I love Sundays because it often means a big family lunch or dinner with Souljourneyboy’s family.

Now, my in-laws are unlike any other family I have ever come across. The very first time I ever visited Souljourneyboy’s house, at the age of 15, someone had left a large Christmas tree in the hallway (no one ever found out who that was). The second time I went there, Souljourneyboy’s Dad had lost his computer, which he later found in the boot of someone’s car. I have lots more stories like that, but you get my drift. They’re special.

Souljourneyboy has three brothers and part of what I’ve always loved about his family is that it’s always been so chaotic. There was always something (often inexplicable) happening at their house, there were lots of people and noise and laughter, and as an only child I found it all absolutely wonderful.

Years later, all Souljourneyboy’s brothers have married. By some lovely twist of fate, they all married girls who don’t have sisters – so we’ve all embraced each other as more than just sisters-in-law. We’ve all now had kids – there are 12 cousins in all (11 living) and we all love hanging out together. So I thought I’d share what characterises a typical family Sunday spread at the in-laws’ house…

  • A lamb roast cooked to perfection by Grandpa
  • Lots of red wine
  • Mischief. Today the mischief came in the form of Bookworm deciding to try aforesaid red wine by sipping near-empty wine glasses around the table
  • Mayhem. Generally Uncle E (who, at this stage, has just one newborn) letting the kids do something outrageous. Today it was letting them build and light their own fires in the yard
  • A delicious baby to cuddle. With 11 kids under 10 there’s almost always been a baby around
  • A LOT of noise. Did I mention there are 11 kids under 10?
  • More red wine
  • An opinionated philosophical debate – today we discussed patriarchy in organised religion
  •  Minor misdemeanour…let me say nothing more than today it involved Aunty K and myself climbing a boundary line fence in heeled boots. Much to the amusement of the children.
  • The kids eating as much sugar as possible (did they REALLY need triple-decker ice cream cones?)
  • And perhaps a little more red wine
  • A birthday. There’s so many of us now we’ve kind of given up having specific birthday get-togethers. It’s more like, “anyone who has a birthday in the next three weeks, line up and blow out a candle”
  • Some kind of electronic/mechanical/electrical/technological device Souljourneyboy and his brothers have to put together or explain for their parents
  • A discussion about how really we should all be drinking less red wine
  • An indescribable sense that you’ve found somewhere you belong.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did 🙂

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