A little more about us

I thought I’d share a little more about the small members of the family  for those who are interested.


This is all we really see of Bookworm these days, since he caught Potter-fever a few weeks ago.

Most adorable quality

His busy brain.

Most challenging quality

The fact that his busy brain prevents him from doing other things, like remembering to take his lunch to school and where he last left his hat.

Wants to be a…

Doctor. I feel that Bookworm’s rather slapdash approach may prohibit him from a discipline – such as neurosurgery.


My complicated little personage. Here is one of his early works, “Cliff Face”:

Most adorable quality

His soft heart. Put it this way: we can’t watch Nemo without a lengthy follow-up debriefing session.

 Most challenging quality

His tendency to view the word “no” as a minor and very temporary setback to his plans.

Wants to be a..

Pediatric nurse. He happened to be watching TV a few months ago when a recruitment ad for nurses came on (“Mummy,” he asked, “can boys be nurses?”) He may be slightly younger than their target audience, but there’s nothing like planning for the future. I actually think this would be a great job for him – he’s capable and compassionate and loves babies.

Little Miss

My little free spirit who refuses to wear any clothes to bed, has a menagerie of imaginary pets, tells absurdist knock-knock jokes and sometimes talks in her own made-up language.

Most adorable quality

Her unshakeable belief in the utter goodness of the world. She regularly sings songs and writes notes about how she loves everyone in the world, and how they all love her.

Most challenging quality

Her tendency to quietly disappear when cleaning up needs to be done. Or possibly her current obsession with playing “Mums and Dads”, especially when I have to play the Mum and she has to be the little sister. I’m not quite sure how this differs from real life.

So that’s them! More on Souljourneygirl and Souljourneyboy another time xx

4 thoughts on “A little more about us

  1. Olivia Ulbricht

    Yes, mate, boys can be nurses too! My husband is a wonderful one! That is a dream I might encourage a lot over the years!

    1. souljourneygirl

      The first thing I said to him was – you know Anna’s Dad? He is a nurse! I think it is actually perfect for his skills and personality – obviously he’s only 7 but at that age I knew I wanted to do something with writing. I plan to be very encouraging!

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