The beginning of a journey

So, I decided to start a blog.

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and for anyone who knows me knows I like to make decisions this way (a few examples…building houses, changing jobs, enrolling in Uni, and Poppy, our cat).

This is how it started: I was on the train this morning and my thoughts were the regular kaleidoscope of work, husband, kids, boss, errands, recipes – and whether there were any leftover Pineapple freddos in the chocolate fundraising box. Then I began to think about how all of these thoughts come and go, and there’s no record of them because I haven’t kept a journal in a long time. I kept one religiously as a teenage girl – hilarious reading from which I will share excerpts down the track – but I guess life got busy and I became a mother and it just fell by the wayside, along with being able to go to the bathroom by myself.

I like journals – I like the idea of respecting moments enough to record them and marking time for the future “you” that will look back over those moments and either laugh, sigh or cringe. So I started scribbling away in my head, and I got to thinking about how probably a lot of what I experience is similar to hundreds of other women out there, all busily working away at their lives as mothers or sisters or neighbours.

That’s when I got the idea of a blog – a place to not only chronicle my life but share my experience with others and encourage you to do the same.

So here it is: I am a full-time working mother of three; a wife, sister-in-law, friend, daughter, writer, reader, university student,  foodie, philosopher, and a believer.

I struggle with juggling work and motherhood; I worry about my weight; sometimes I yell at my kids and other times I don’t do the housework because I’d rather have a cup of tea and read a book. I’ve hidden in the wardrobe so I could take a work call away from the kids, I’ve written books, studied politics and literature, love my family to pieces, eat too much chocolate, worry about being a better person, and spend a lot of time formulating opinions on obscure topics I’ll probably never be called upon to share.

But mostly, like all of us, I am a soul on a journey. So that’s why I called this blog Soul Journey, because essentially that describes all of us, no matter who we are or what stage of life we are at. I hope to share thoughts and poems and embarrassing teenage diary entries and recipes and ideas and ups and downs because this will be like a journal for me. And I am going to share my journey with anyone who’s interested to join me for the ride.

Em x

15 thoughts on “The beginning of a journey

  1. Asta

    Emma – it is kind of how I started the Cellophane Girl FB page. I was in the shower (where all the best thoughts come) and next thing I had another FB page! Good on you. You have such real voice. I always enjoy it. Asta x

  2. Belinda

    I love this and am looking forward to sharing the journey.
    Hilariously over the weekend I started plotting a stationery company called Embrace the Journey. As you do. So ‘journey’ quite topical.

  3. Stephanie Oatley

    This is like a mirror! I relate to everything from the spur of the moment ideas to the no quiet time on the toilet to the thinking of freddy frogs. It’s going to be fun to share the journey

  4. Olivia Ulbricht

    Great to read your writing again, Em, I don’t get nearly enough of it! Look forward to reading (and commenting on) your life!

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